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In celebration of our 10th anniversary we're lighting up the future with a new name and exciting progress.

"Lumen" is a measure of light. We are combining the word "lumen" with the word "mind" to suggest that we are bringing light to the science of cognition. When we teach and learn, we "illuminate" or we have been "illuminated". We "shed light on a subject", and we seek the "light of knowledge". And on a more ethereal level, light represents hope and guidance. Lumen + Mind + LuMind.

Bringing light to the science of cognition

We are proud of our critical role in shining light on the powerful potential of cognition research. Results of projects this organization has funded are the basis for current clinical trials by a multinational pharmaceutical firm and a biotech start-up.

When we teach and learn, we "illuminate"

Our continuing mission is to make a brighter future possible for people with Down syndrome, to enhance their learning, and to delay or halt the cognitive decline they experience as they age -- in a word, to illuminate. As we continue to shine a light on cognition research and brighten the minds of individuals with Down syndrome, we are excited to move into our second decade with an identity that underscores our progress, mission and values.

Light represents hope and guidance

LuMind Foundation, with a name that stands out from the crowd, reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of cognition research, leading to a better quality of life for the more than 250,000 people with Down syndrome. This isn't just a dream; it's a near-term reality. And we are honored to be opening the door.

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