The LuMind Foundation is dedicated to developing and supporting innovative research to expedite the discovery and development of treatments for cognitive impairment, including the developmental intellectual disability and Alzheimer's disease, in individuals with Down syndrome. Research programs that have substantial promise to advance the field of Down syndrome cognition including research exploring mechanisms of cognitive impairment, identification and validation of potential new therapeutic targets, and resolving roadblocks throughout the pipeline for development of new and effective therapeutic approaches are of special interest to the Foundation.

Currently, the annual Research Grant awards have been established to initiate June 1, however research and funding opportunities are considered by the Foundation on an ongoing basis.  LuMind recommends that interested research investigators submit a one-to-two page outline and summary for potential research proposals, which would include preliminary timeline and budget estimates and requirements. After preliminary evaluation by the Foundation, LuMind may request preparation and submission of a formal research grant proposal by the investigator, which will be peer-reviewed by the LuMind Foundation's Scientific Advisory Board.

All LuMind research grants are governed by LuMind’s Research Grants Program Policies and Procedures, which is available for review upon request.  For more information please contact us at, or call LuMind's main office at 508-630-2177 or Chief Scientific Officer at 520-297-3105.











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