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The research we fund focuses on improving cognition - learning, memory and speech - for people with Down syndrome. We know there are a lot of devoted teachers who are dedicated to doing the same. Here are some of the amazing teachers recognized by parents with an honor donation to LuMind RDS. To learn how to recognize a teacher, visit the Teacher Recognition Program page.

The Teaching Team of the Dana L. Lyon Middle School in Bath, New York

teacher recognition program

Ms. Cummings, Ms. Hill, Siobhan, Ms. Doan, Ms. Green, and Ms. Harrison

In recognition of the devoted staff of DLL Middle School, Bath NY (Ms. Meagan Hill, 4th grade inclusion classroom teacher, Ms. Beth Doan, Special Ed resource teacher, Ms. Janice Green, SLP, Ms. Harrison and Ms. Cummings Teacher assistants) who have worked with my daughter Siobhan this year helping to make her 4th grade year one of academic success including being on the Honor Roll twice.  What a fitting tribute to these fine professionals than to make a contribution to LuMind Foundation in their honor,  recognizing the connection between a teachers focus of  improved learning and LuMind Foundation's focus of Cognition Research for people with Ds. I salute you teachers and thank you for your dedication and unrelenting efforts on behalf of Siobhan this year, making it a hallmark year of success and accomplishments. 

All parents hope that their child will have a successful academic year at school and at the end of the school year it is fitting to recognize those teachers who have impacted our children’s lives.  The proverbial apple, handwritten note or potted plant often come to mind but this year I wanted to do more and thought what better way than to make an honorary contribution to an organization that also promotes the cause of improved learning (cognition, memory and speech) the LuMind Foundation.  What better way to really honor outstanding teaching than to make a difference in the students’ lives through an honorary contribution.  Hence the charter year of this Teacher Recognition program and the opportunity for dedicated professional teachers all over the country to be honored for what they do best, TEACH.  

- Submitted by Sandra Ross and her amazing daughter, Siobhan 

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